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Writer - Director

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OPENGUYS Film Entertainment: “Player 5150" Written and Directed by David Michael O’Neill.

“A rare gem in the rough! By comparison to all the special-effect driven overblown-budget movies being released today, Player 5150 is a character-driven story that takes you through every range of emotion. Now added to the mix is Kelly Carlson. Kimber Henry, Dr. Troy’s former-model, porn star and drug addict girlfriend who has found God on Nip/Tuck. As an overall experience, I enjoyed watching the movie very much. It kept you constantly leaning forward in anticipation of what would happen next.

DVD Talk Review: Player 5150 / First Look Studios

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The Black Tulip:

Screenwriter David M. O’Neill in association with Breadwinner Productions and Snag Films...


The Black Tulip is the tale of the courageous Dakka family who opens up a restaurant in the heart of Kabul after the fall of the Taliban. Ultimately targeted by lingering forces, the Dakka family finds itself in the heart of the battle between Afghanistan's brutal past and a window of hope it fights to keep open.

Academy Awards Official Select – Afghanistan’s Best Foreign Film entry.

Winner - Penn Barbara "Freedom to Write Award".
Winner – Salento Italian International Film Festival
Winner – Golden Palm Prize – Beverly Hills Int. Film Festival
Winner: Boston International Film Festival
Official Selections: Connecticut Int., Monte Carlo, Cinnequest and New York Int. Film Festival.




Rex Reed – New York Observer

"Full Bloom: A Light Shines Through as The Black Tulip Blossoms Amidst Harsh Censorship and Brutal Rule by the Taliban."

Writer - Director


Four out of Four Stars… “An utter masterpiece at capturing the insecurities many men harbor towards the opposite sex.”  

Starring Charlie Sheen, Chris McDonald and Tia Carrere, Five Aces details men’s dating and sexual hang-ups while having the ambition to explore the causes of some male’s nasty behavior. As a result, the basic yet complex psyches of a number of male’s personality types surface in the main characters. Director David M. O’Neill skillfully interweaves the unfolding plot with sharp camera work and top-notch performances. South Florida Newspaper Network

Writer-Director – Producer David M. O’Neill in association with Franchise Pictures and 20th Century Fox.

Winner of the Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival’s “Spirit of Independence Award.”

Charlie Sheen (Anger Management), Christopher McDonald ( Family Law) Tia Carrere ( Wayne’s World), Geoffrey Lewis (Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil)

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Writer - Director



Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden – The Invincible Tale of the Great Mighty Puddy


Writer-Director David M. O’Neill in a Crosswind, film short presentation starring Happy Gilmore’s Christopher McDonald, Repalcements and Swinger's Brooke Langton, 7 time PGA Champion Rocco Mediate, LPGA star Blaire O’Neal, and Golf Channel’s Amanda Balionis – all tell the outrageous tale of one-time great PGA superstar Puddy McFadden’s sad and colossal fall from grace, to the managing of a weed infested, miniature golf course in North Las Vegas Nevada all the while the Viagra Classic puts out the call for its one-time senior greats!


PGA Champion Rocco Mediate – “I would have killed him… You know how they used to cut you up in Scotland in the old days?”

ESPN Sports – Chet Waterhouse – “He tried to tell everybody the coyotes and scorpions were hazards but nobody was buying it”.

LPGA Star Blair O’Neal – “I heard that he was managing a weed infested, miniature putt-putt golf course”.



Mary, The Life After Jesus - The Road to Ephesus

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is recognized by two major religions as the holiest woman ever. She has captivated the imaginations of artists and composers all over the world for centuries. Nevertheless, a question remains. After the Pentecost, she disappears from the Bible. What happened to Mary after the death and resurrection of Jesus? Filmed on location in Turkey, in a place once known as Ephesus, this documentary will give you a look into the home which is widely believed to be where Mary found refuge and lived out her final days. 
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