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Past written and directing works have included...

The Violence of Wine - screenwriter - Spec

Finalist - Palm Springs - Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Festivals

The Stand at Paxton County - screenwriter - ESX - Netflix

Passenger 58 - screenwriter - Warner Brothers

Mary Life After Jesus - The Road to Ephesus - Screenwriter - Exploration Films

Saving MLK - screenwriter - Spec

Semi-Finalist - Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Festival

The Black Tulip - screenwriter - Snag Films - Academy Award Entry - Afghanistan

Official Entry - Academy Awards - Best Foreign Film

Player 5150 - screenwriter - director - First Look Studios

Five Aces - screenwriter - director - 20th Century Fox

Winner - Spirit of Independence Award

Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden - screenwriter-director - short

The Longest Season - screenwriter-director - short

Threat - 115 Degrees - screenwriter - Charlie Sheen - Nick Cassavetes

War Junkies - screenwriter - Mark Harris (Crash - Gods and Monsters)

Lady Godiva - screenwriter - research and script delivery - Santa Monica Studios

Babette's Feast (English version) - screenwriter - Panorama Films

Last Lovers - novel adaptation - screenwriter - Panorama Films

Marilyn - screenwriter - novel adaptation - Panorama Films

Martin Eden - screenwriter - optioned spec - Panorama Films

What Lies in the Valley Below - screenwriter - novel adaptation spec

American Yankee - screenwriter - spec script

Empress of Heaven - screenwriter novel adaptation - spec

Devil Dogs of Kernville - screenwriter - spec script

Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden - short film - screenwriter spec script

Additional awards:


Santa Barbara International Screenplay Festival

Violence of Wine - Semi-Finalist


Palm Springs International Screenwriting Festival

The Violence of Wine - Finalist



Quarter Finalist

Saving MLK 


Los Angeles International Screenwriting Awards *


Saving MLK


Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Awards *

Semi-Finalist - The Happy Man - What Lies in the Valley Below



Santa Barbara International Screenwriting Awards *

Quarter Finalist - Saving MLK


Shockfesst *

Golden Reel Award - The Happy Man "What Lies in the Valley Below".


Screencraft *

Advanced quarterfinalist - Empress of Heaven

Screenwriting Finalist


Penn Center Awards *

Freedom To Write Award - The Black Tulip

The film was awarded its centerpiece grand-prize for its subject matter and its daring production

mounted in the heart of Kabul Afghanistan.


Beverly Hills Film Festival *

Golden Palm Prize - The Black Tulip

Black Tulip, Winner of Golden Palm Prize


Beverly Hills Film Festival *

Golden Palm Prize - The Black Tulip

Black Tulip, Winner of Golden Palm Prize



Cinequest *

Official consideration - The Black Tulip



NY International Film Festival *

Official Selection - The Black Tulip



Salento International Film Festival *

Best Feature Film - The Black Tulip

Black Tulip wins best feature film



Boston Film Festival *

Best Feature Film

Black Tulip, Winner of Best Feature Film


Academy Awards *

Official Top Select for Best Foreign Film - The Black Tulip

The Black Tulip was among the top ten selected films from around the world to be

considered by the Motion Picture Academy to be considered for Best Foreign Film.



Ft. Lauderdale International Film Festival *

Spirit of Independent Filmmaking Award - Five Aces

Writer-Director - Five Aces – Winner



William Morris Agency *

Writer of the Week - Martin Eden

With his first script, novel adaptation, Martin Eden, David was named,

William Morris's "Writer of the Week".



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